Via Baltica Expressway to Ełk

2023-10-26 15:02:51(ost. akt: 2023-10-26 15:04:43)

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The Ełk section of the S61 expressway (Via Baltica) was put into operation. Now the fastest way from Warsaw to Masuria is to Ełk (in just over 2 hours). Once the entire investment is completed, the travel time from central Poland to Masuria or Lithuania will be even shorter. Not only road safety is increasing, but also the interest of investors and tourists in the city of Ełk as the leader of the region and the capital of Masuria.
Via Baltica is one of the most important roads in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. This is an international expressway running from the S8 road near Warsaw through Łomża, Ełk and Suwałki to the border with Lithuania. Then you can get to Latvia and Estonia. In August, the last section of S61 under construction in Masuria, which runs through Ełk, was put into operation. There is also a connection with the S16 road (exit to Olsztyn). Via Baltica connects Ełk: the heart of Masuria — with the whole of Poland. Safety and travel times have improved. Residents, entrepreneurs, investors and tourists benefit from the investment. The city of Ełk has become an important road junction within the international transport corridor with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Masuria — the fastest way to Ełk is via the Via Baltica expressway
Good news for people going to Masuria: the travel time from Warsaw and central Poland to the capital of Masuria — Ełk has shortened. Currently, the commute is just over 2 hours. Soon, after the last sections are completed, the route from Warsaw to Ełk will be possible to cover in approximately 1 hour 45 min. Getting from Warsaw to other towns in Masuria or Podlasie, such as Giżycko, Mikołajki, Augustów, Mrągowo, Suwałki, is significantly longer.

Business chooses Ełk
Good transport connections mean that entrepreneurs are willing to invest their capital here and develop their companies, which translates into more job posts in the region. The city has been creating favourable conditions for starting and running a business for years. The Subzone of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone operates successfully in Ełk, and the Science and Technology Park helps new, innovative companies enter the market and achieve success. Saxdor Shipyard operates here, a company based in Helsinki that produces boats in Ełk using modern methods. This year, the company was a laureate in the Innovation and Development category and received the “Best of the Best” award from Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship Marshal.

By high-speed train through Ełk
The emerging Rail Baltica railway line will improve passenger and freight traffic between countries. The modernised route is being adapted to general standards of railway lines in the EU. The Rail Baltica route through Ełk will connect the city with the Baltic countries, and on the other hand with central Poland and the rest of Europe. Rail Baltica is an opportunity for the development of Warmia and Mazury, especially the eastern part of the voivodeship.

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